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Xbox 2 Release Date: Envisions and Reality

A console when gets unveiled holds every fans’ attention. That is nothing exceptional when we talk about Xbox consoles. And with E3’s announcement, Microsoft has already provided the new Xbox One X’s design, which is going to release on November 7. The bringing of new Xbox One X console, certainly, doesn’t mean that there wouldn’t be another Xbox console in the coming years. But if at all there is an Xbox 2 to arrive, then when will the console make up to the common gamers?

Xbox 2 Release Date: Will it Ever Happen?

If at all, we get our hands on it, then what about Xbox 2 release date. If at all, we get our hands on it, then what about Xbox 2 release date? Well, if we strategically go with the nooks and corns, then we might end up coming to the conclusion with a happy note. By that we mean, if we check what the precedents suggest, then we might expect the game to a particular release date.

Xbox, the video gaming brand owned by Microsoft was initially introduced in 2001, which was long after its rival PlayStation was created. Having released in the US, Xbox was highly praised on numerous counts. Gradually the fame surrounded sans par. And Xbox was released in Australia, Europe as well as Japan. As per rivalry, Xbox was the first generation device of the console brand to have competed crucially against Sony’s PlayStation 2.

Next came Xbox 360. Not only as a successor, but Xbox 360 that released in 2005 proved to be one of the finest gaming consoles till date. In fact, 360 was the phenomenal success that was introduced by developers Microsoft. Even now many other consoles are judged by 360.

With the emerging popularity of the Xbox family, Microsoft unveiled Xbox One console in May 2013, but to very honest, the console was not up to fans’ expectations. Despite breaking down with its sales figures, Xbox’s fame was not gone astray. In fact, developers with a comeback unveiled a slimmer version of Xbox One console at E3 20016, under the name, Xbox 2.

Now, we already have a vivid idea of what new is coming, on November this year. Xbox One X. Xbox’s head, Phil Spencer announced the Project Scorpio at E3 ’16, which is on its way to users’ hands.

Now the question remains, when will users get to witness Xbox 2 release date. Well, as it's none other than Microsoft, we consider them to develop its next-gen console shortly. Then only we can expect the console to get unveiled somewhere around 2020 (to give a tough competition to Sony’s PS5).

The Closure

So, friends, we hope our guide to Xbox 2 release date was comprehensive enough to offer you everything to get familiar with the release date of the console. Want to know more about Xbox 2? Get in touch via the comment section.

Fallout 5 Rumors Expect to Unveil Better Graphics

Nearly a year has passed, ever since fans got their hands on the much-anticipated Fallout 4. With obvious reports, the last released Fallout game has been praised on numerous counts which also include its brilliant narrative as well as massive exploration opportunity. And with certain possibilities, the loyal fans now are excited to move on with yet another installment touted to come with the Fallout series. With Fallout 5 rumors, fans are heading forward to get Fallout 5, which is a certain possibility to be the next in Bethesda's award-winning role-playing video game series.

Fallout 5 Rumors: What New Fans Can Expect?

With Fallout 4, developers have massively gained popularity and maintained the nostalgic fame that was once gained with Fallout video game series. But whether there's another Fallout game we have not yet been confirmed. Sadly, it seems like Bethesda is still focused on the success of the last Fallout game. Nevertheless, going by Fallout 5 rumors, we certainly expect the game to get unveiled with more locations along the East Coast or the New York City. Also, the cultural hub of the USA has got the potentiality of blending the story smoothly.

Not to forget, Fallout 4 was criticized because of its lack of visual detail. But developers certainly claimed that the Creation engine would result in offering most fluid animation and greater graphical features. If we point out with the reality, gamers and critics both witnessed that the visuals were muddled and flat. While on the contrary, the animation was somewhat glitchy. Specifically, if Fallout 5 rumors are concerned, the game might appear with a major technical overhaul. Also, if some possible Fallout 5 rumors are to be taken, the game is expected to come with a proper storyline alongside an open-world setting.

If at all we go by the rumors and news, Fallout 5 rumors also offer us the system requirement of the game to be played by serious gamers. OS wise, the minimum requirement is Windows 7 64-bit operating system. Gamers worldwide need an Intel Core i5-3330 @3GHz processor for Fallout 5 game to be played seamlessly alongside a RAM of 8 GB and native storage of 40 GB.

The Final Words

With Fallout 5 rumors, the speculations aren’t cent percent definite but if we go with the news, Fallout 5 might get announced somewhere between 2019 and 2020. In conclusion, right now Fallout 5 is purely speculative by nature. However, we certainly know what Bethesda is capable of. So here's waiting with fingers crossed for the much-awaited game to get announced in the near future.


WWE 2K18 Will Be Rolling Out in 3 Editions

With the recent reports, we have been officially informed about WWE 2K18 cover star. Seth Rollins appeared on ESPN SportsCenter unveiling the announcement of him being the cover star of this year in WWE 2K18. Later Rollins took this to Twitter showing his gratitude of being appointed as this year’s WWE 2K18 cover star. According to the official press release, Rollins will be personifying the global marketing campaign of this year’s WWE 2K18 game. This will involve gamers to explore the real identity of Rollins as well as other wrestling superstars alongside getting the chance in learning more about WWE 2K18.

WWE 2K18 Trailer: What is revealed?

On its official site, WWE 2K18 trailer was dropped on 19th of June 2017. Despite not revealing any gameplay of the installment the trailer was impressive enough to capture viewers’ attention. For loyal fans, it is a hard to watch thing when Rollins knocks the head off a statue of Andre. It wonders us whether these are only for catching the eyeball grabs or is it concerned with something inside the gameplay. For that, we need to wait for another two to three months.

WWE 2K18 Release Date and Platforms

WWE 2K games have been released on many platforms earlier, including PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, as well as Windows PCs. But with recent reports, and if at all it's happening, then gamers around the world can expect WWE 2K18 to get released for Nintendo Switch this time. Most likely we will get this installment in all the consoles mentioned above. And as per the release date, thanks to the team as we now have been offered with the launch date of WWE 2K18 which is scheduled to roll out on 17th of October 2017.

WWE 2K18 Price

As per accurate reports this year WWE 2K18 is getting launched in three different editions. Standard Edition will be pegged up with a price tag of $59.99 with the inclusion of bonus digital contents (if pre-ordered). Second is the Deluxe Edition rolling out with a cost of $89.99. It will include WWE 2K18 video game alongside the Deluxe Edition packaging, bonus digital content and more (if pre-ordered). Third and the final edition is the Collector’s Edition releasing with an inclusion of Collector’s Edition packaging, some physical collectibles, digital content, so on and so forth.

The Final Few Words

WWE 2K is a popular wrestling video game with numerous fan followers. With this installment, we really don’t expect Yuke's and 2K to implement all possible luxuries that gamers have listed to be their wishlists. Despite, a lot of fans awaiting that gala day, WWE 2K18 scheduled to happen in October. Until then, here we are waiting for new updates with fingers crossed.

FIFA 18 will Include ‘The Journey 2’ with Alex Hunter’s Return!

With the development of the video gaming world, gaming gurus tend to bring out their potentiality by involving the gaming industry as their integral part of their career. But no, not only professionals, we have serious gamers who keep a close eye to every new gaming installment, which serves to be the best mode of entertainment. 2017 will be witnessing two of the most speculated video gaming installments; NBA 2K18 and FIFA 18.

FIFA 18 is possibly one of finest renowned names in the video gaming industry. For all the serious fans of FIFA, brace up, because from here onwards, our article will highlight some information regarding the upcoming installment FIFA 18. Initially, this video game was notable to have the official license from the FIFA when it evolved in the year 1993. And with various installments, FIFA is happening to release its next installment down the lane in this year, and hopefully, every gamer has been keen to looking forward to what new updates FIFA 18 has announced to bring in the game.

 ‘The Journey 2’ with Alex Hunter’s Return!

In a single player story campaign mode, The Journey was introduced in FIFA with the release of FIFA 17 last year. The Journey was, however, was set up for Xbox, One, PlayStation 4 and Windows devices. Folks, if you have once completed the entire FIFA 17 story, you would be capable of beginning at the same club with honors like the Premier League or the FA Cup. And for those starting afresh, fans you will be gathered with a montage of the major plot points then you can choose any recent side of the English Premier League. Though the 17 years old character, Alex Hunter’s return is entirely customizable. In that case, players are only eligible to unlock Hunter’s clothes and hairstyles. However, the trailer includes whether Hunter would join a brand new club ahead of the second season. As a part of Alex Hunter’s comeback story, fans will get to witness Ronaldo as an integral character in FIFA 18 game.

FIFA 18: The Ultimate Team Icons

Previously this new version was named as Legends that was available for Xbox One only. But now, with the evolvement of various new techniques, it’ll be available to the Ultimate teams of gamers on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 as well as PCs. Some of the Ultimate Team Icons that have been announced by FIFA 18 team are Ronaldo Nazári (thrice the Ballon d'Or winner), Diego Maradona (finest dribbler), Pele, and more. We will get to witness more Icons to be released in the coming month. As scheduled, FIFA 18 is getting launched on 29 September 2017.

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